Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quinceañera #4: Quince dresses

Another for Quince week :3 I sure wish I had a Quine when I was younger lol
"Blake was a strong fit baseball player in high school and for his 15th birthday he will be the girl his mother always wanted wither he liked it or not. Blake has little time to get use to his nails, getting his hair done, new breasts and trying fit into corsets.

Blake’s mother was surprised to see how giddy her son was trying on dresses for his quinceanera. Because a quinceanera was common for women he felt it was unfair that boys don't get to have any fun for their 15th birthday. So while he was able to convince his mother to agree to give him a quinceanera. What he wasn’t expecting was he had to go as a girl. His mother said he can go back to dressing like a boy…maybe after he finishes high school. Maybe.."
Kailin Smith said...

Go back to living as a boy?! Madness!
I love it.

Joanne Chan said...

It's better not to be Blake I think and that corset is lovely.

Tatania said...

Escape is impossible

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