Monday, April 22, 2013

Quinceañera Week

I was looking at the homepage and thought to myself: "Wow, this is very white bread". So I decided to spice things up doing a Hispanic theme and having Quinceañera Week with Alexis!

I first made quinceañera caps about 2 years ago and was, at the time, the ONLY artist I knew of who made caps with that theme. I know Hammster has made a few recently, but it's still rare for me to see them. I can't even find one quince-based story on Fictionmania or any other TG story site. This surprises me considering it's on the same level as a Sweet 16 party, features elaborate dresses, and is an important event in a girl's life in some cultures. Why do so many white people have to ask what a quinceañera is!?

The unique thing about this week is, ALL of the caps are sharing the same story line, however are independent of each other. You'll see why in the last cap posted. Enjoy!
Hammster said...

Looking forward to this... ^_^

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