Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homecoming Love

"Matt and Jordan were teen sweethearts and the first same sex at their high school. Both boys enjoyed doing what normal teen boys do and were thankful to receive support in their small town in South Carolina.

In their senior year, Matt shocked his boyfriend by coming out as transgendered. Jordan was scheduled to enlist in the Army in only a few weeks after graduation and knew Matt wanted to stay in his hometown. Because of his love for him, he agreed to stay with him no matter what.

After being deployed, Jordan kept in contact with Matt and was frequently updated about his transition in becoming Melissa. He knew she has started hormones and was living full-time while starting a new job at a bank.

By the time Jordan returned to the States 4 years later, Melissa had breast implants and had completed her transition through surgery. Jordan was amazed to see how beautiful his girlfriend was in person.

Now that Jordan was discharged, they were planning to move in together. However, Jordan knew his next move would be getting down on one knee."
Ranae said...

Awesome cap. Have a soft spot in my hard for military based caps.

Claire Bear said...

Very sweet story, great cap!

Rachael K said...

Very well done :)

Kailin Smith said...

Amazing, and so sweet. Soft spot for love based caps, I suppose.

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