Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wedding Chapter 3: Lisa Frank (Courtney's Wedding)

Actual transformations start next chapter....

“When I was thinking of whom I wanted to be my maid of honor, I could only think of one woman, Lisa Frank. She has been by my side since the very beginning. You could even say she’s the reason I’m surrounded by such wonderful bridesmaids today.
We’ve known each other since middle school. Back then, I was a sweet naive girl who never would have believed I’d become obsessed with helping young men become beautiful women. Lisa and I first met in the principal’s office. She was there to get detention for acting up in class and I was there to get a letter of recommendation. We got talking and she asked if I’d ever heard of gender transformation fiction. Obviously I hadn’t back then. She told me how it was very interesting and that I should come over after school and check out some of the works she had saved on her computer. Our friendship blossomed from that day on, much like my love for gender transformation.
It’s crazy to think just how much things have changed since those early days. Lisa has become such a kind, sweet, and beautiful woman. You’d never believe she used to cause several teachers to retire early.

I owe a lot to her. Not only did she help me found our new business, but she also introduced me to the man of my dreams. She introduced me to Dylan during her sorority’s big year end party. He was in her philosophy class at college.”
Anonymous said...

How beautiful!

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