Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wedding Chapter 5: Kristi

“Kristi had been dressing for most of his life. He was open about crossdressing with his wife but she didn’t have too much interest in it which meant he couldn’t really have the true fun he was looking for. 

Every time I talked to Kristi when he was in “boy mode” she seemed really miserable, so with my guidance she started making the steps to become Kristi Masters full-time. Unlike the other girls, I recommended he just have his penis removed first since it was an unhealthy reminder of the lie he had been living with for so long. 

After that medical waste was disposed of, he started growing his hair out, taking a daily dosage of hormones, and started dieting. Within a few months it was hard to notice that he used to be a guy. His wife stuck with him through all of this luckily. 

Kristi is so awesome that she helped with a lot of planning for this wedding. I think it was more of her releasing a lot of femininity that she had been holding in for so many years. She even volunteered her oldest son to be one of my junior bridesmaids! 

Her son seemed pretty pissed off to have to dress like a girl at first, but I can tell he’s growing to like it just like his “Dad”! Kristi also volunteered one of her other sons to be my flower girl despite the fact that’s he’s like 12 years old. I can’t wait to see him act like a little girl!”
Anonymous said...

I love this! I adore you Courtney! And yes, I've "done" plenty of weddings and would be so overjoyed to help you with this! You are my BFF!


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