Friday, June 14, 2013

Claire's Video


Well I'm back and after months of bugging me, Courtney finally convinced me to make a short video showing of my current wardrobe. Link above :)


1.I sadly couldn't do volume for this video but Courtney has convinced me again to make these videos a sort of monthly update thing. So future ones will have voice,my face, me modeling the clothes and maybe even guest appearances :D


 2.Any questions on the clothes, the video or anything else feel free to ask and I will answer them all :)


3. And finally what you all want, captions will be coming soon from me including all my old ones.


Lots of love


Claire Bear xoxo  

Anonymous said...

omg her clothes are soooo cute :)

Courtney Captisa said...

I can't wait to see you model them in front of your mum Claire!

Amber Harland said...

I love all your clothes Claire. So glad you're back <3

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