Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Chapter 4: Amber

“Amber is just adorable! She hasn’t been completely female for too long. Just had her surgery like one week before the bachelorette party!
I could tell from when I first met him that there was something different. He was way too nice and gentle for a man. Cause you know, I never seem to attract nice, gentlemen unless they are either transgendered or not getting laid.

He only started crossdressing once I showed him some art pieces I had made with boys trying on their sister’s clothes. His real sister is like 100 lbs and there’s NO WAY he could fit into any of her stuff if he tried.
She was like 230lbs when she was still living as Shaun and now is down to like a Size 8 dress! Amazing!

She swore up and down that she was going to still date women after her transition. Even had a little online girlfriend at the time. Finally, after some seriously threatening I mean persuading..she went out with my friend Jack Hake.

I’m now proud to announce that after a few weeks of dating, she is now 95% straight for a woman! The other 5% was when I caught her and Caroline going down on each other the other day.” 
Joanne Chan said...

Amber is such a dream,eh?

Anonymous said...

A little slit makes al the difference

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