Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding Chapter 9: Courtney's Aunt

“Wow Courtney, that was a REALLY long story but AMAZING! They are really lucky to have such a sweet girl like you in their lives.”

“Thanks, Aunt Annabelle. Wow, PERFECT! You did a great job on my make-up!”

“Not bad for only a few years practice, right?”

“You never told me your whole story....”

“Oh honey, we don’t have time for that! Well...the gist is, you know your cousin Ron was never really into boy things growing up. When he came home that one day with a cheerleading outfit and told me he was going to be a girl on the squad I nearly flipped! But after seeing him at practice and meeting the other moms, I couldn’t help but start becoming a woman myself! You know our family stays together!”

“That’s true. Do you think the girls are ready to help me get dressed yet?”
Joanne Chan said...

A hugely enjoyable series of cations, Courtney. x

Courtney Captisa said...

Glad you like it, there's about 2-3 more in the series with a MAJOR finale....

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