Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding Chapter 6: Caroline

“When Caroline first came out as being transgendered, no one in his family or friend circle supported him. That’s why it was really best for him to move from The Bible Belt to Baltimore with me and become roomies!

Living with me proved to be the best thing for him! He would start asking to borrow my clothes and for advice on dating boys. I even caught him using my tampons at one point!

We had such a great time getting manis and pedis together,  going to fashion & art shows, checking out hot guys on stage when seeing bands live, thrift store shopping in Hampden, and doing yoga together. I felt like he was just like my little sister.

After a year of living with me, SHE had a steady boyfriend and finally lost her virginity. I did yell at her a few times though because they had rough sex nearly every night late at night and kept waking me up!

Shortly after starting university that Fall, she went to Johns Hopkins for her surgery. She became a cheerleader at university since you know almost every transgendered teen girl becomes a cheerleader.

Since meeting Amber, they have a special relationship if you know what I mean. I know most straight girls have at least one girl crush in their life, but these two....can’t seem to separate them, even with a boy in between.” 
Joanne Chan said...

Nice details fill in in the 'backstory'. Enjoyable caption

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