Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedding Chapter 7: Phoebe

“Kyle was a little different from the other boys in the fact that he really didn’t want to be a girl at first, but I’ll never forget the day he messaged me saying he got my used vibrators in the mail and had been trying them out on his little butt! 

As a boy he was SO immature, but luckily after having his worthless piece of shit testicles and penis removed, I noticed a big difference in the way he was acting. It was a good thing that was the first step in his transformation process!

He started crying more and actually started caring about other people, which was a great change It was amazing to learn that he was finally meeting some female friends he could hang out with and take him shopping at the mall. As I expected, they loved having a feminized boy to dress up and hang around. Much better than just a gay male best friend. 

People who we hung around said that we were like sisters, so Kyle went as far to ask to surgeon if her breast implants could be the same size as mine!

After most of her surgeries were complete, Kyle, now going by “Phoebe” finally took my advice and moved to the best country in the world,  America! It was cute that after having her tracheal shave, she had to learn to speak as a girl and it also made her lose her Australian accent. So not only did I feminize him...but I also Americanized him!

Belinda Reed said...

Phoebe was much better after all that and no doubt enjoyed attending the wedding.
Fantastic caption.

Kyle Phoebe said...

So when is this happening? Aha
I love this caption!

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