Monday, June 24, 2013

The Start

When they moved into a new house a few months ago, Sarah agreed to share a bathroom with her brother as long as she got to decorate it her way. It started when he noticed her bras in the laundry basket and touched them to see how soft they were. This evolved into trying on her clothes whenever he could and practicing how to do make up. He even bought his own wig and found a way to give himself falsies. Occasionally, he would use her bathing & shaving products and even tried putting in one of her tampons. He’s decided it’s been long enough to hide it. She seems like an open minded person and should accept it. 
Belinda Reed said...

A great adventure for Sarah's brother

Anonymous said...

So this is how it starts. Innocent experimenting- curiousity about makeup and such, and then to acceptance by his sister. Well, if he wants to be her twin or younger sister fine ; I just hope she does it lovingly and not as punishment. Though her brother should really get her wardrobe however. Hey maybe his sister has some girlfriends who can assist in his transition and can take her shopping. What a fun day for him and them. Nice fantasy ; but what about his parents though ?

Courtney Captisa said...

Although this blog does primarily feature "realistic" situations I leave out a lot of the "what ifs" because it ruins the fantasy for some people. Not to mention, will make the cap MUCH longer. This is why I often do not bring up parents, issues with society, sisters cussing out their brothers and burning her panties after he wears them...etc.

That being said, how would people feel about "Parenting Week"?

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