Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Chapter 12: The Finale

 The finale. Hope you enjoyed!
“So all I have to do is sign here and you will take care of everything?”

“Yes, under the agreement you shall obey everything I order you to do. I’m going to make your process very smooth. We’ll probably start with basic hair removal and clothing fitting, then see how you progress from there with your femininity.”

“Well you know I’ve been a closet crossdresser since we met in college, but now I think ready to get serious about this and figured you were the best to ask.”

“I’m happy for her! Dylan and Courtney were meant to be! By the way, we are the only ones who still know...Courtney can NEVER find out...”

“That will remain between us forever. I remember you said Courtney had trouble dating her first year of college, so you found a shy girl on campus and made her “man up”. That’s cool, Dylan turned out to be an amazing guy .You are a wonderful woman for helping everyone Lisa.”
The End?

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