Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Chapter 8: Alexis

“Alex was a unique case. He was very open about crossdressing with some friends, but none of his family. He also seemed to really love being a guy, despite the fact that he actually looked very passable when dressed in public. I tried my hardest to get him to dress full-time but he said he wasn’t ready....whatever that means and that the real reason he crossdressed is because he had bad luck with trying to get a girlfriend and needed some release. So I guess since he couldn’t feel a girl’s boobs....he wanted his own... 

Well one day I was hanging out at his house with him and his sister and left. I forgot something, so I turned around and walked in and heard some strange noises. When I went down the hallway and looked in his bedroom door. I caught him doing the unthinkable...having sex with his fucking sister!

I was so shocked and mortified that I almost threw up, but then I thought of something... I told him that if he didn’t start dressing full-time and transitioning into a girl that I would tell his mom what happened with him and his sis.

To me,  Alexis made the right decision....”
alex s. said...

Only Courtney would do something this sinister XD Still its beena dream of me to be a bridesmaid :3

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