Thursday, June 20, 2013

First Boyfriend

“I don’t know for real.. Like I’m still getting used to my body and everything and you know I didn’t like boys at all before. Must be all the
hormones.  ...

... But yeah, I do really like being around you and you are cute
...Okay sure, 
yes I'll be 

your girlfriend!!

“You can keep my hat..”


  1. There's nothing like the first time. Beautiful caption Courtney.

  2. O.K., that is really cute!

  3. For a girl, she's very sexy looking. However, her fashion sense is a bit off. Really two different colors of clothing and neither one is color coordinated ? Maybe she needs glasses or needs to check her mirror to see how she looks dressed. Other than two minor criticisms ; nice caption.

    1. Just hasn't been a girl for too long, be gentle!

  4. I made a pretty poor job of dress sense at first too. I've learned - give her time.

  5. YAY! SUMMER! Cool caption and I'm not sure why but I really like her conversation font .. brings the 'girly'ness of her situation out front.

    I'm sure she's enjoying those summer days, but those summer nights? That is the best time of the year!

  6. Cute caption. Poor thing may not realize she's being claimed by wearing that hat, but she'll figure it out as soon as a different boy catches her eye...


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