Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More TG Meme Madness

 I thought that at least ONE of my contributors would post for me yesterday since it was my birthday, but I guess I can't rely on these mother fuckers. So that being said, you get a MEME post instead!

Alexis and I were hanging out on Skype the other night and decided to make productive use of our time... by creating more TG Memes! Which one is your favorite?

TG-Stories711 said...

lol nice, these are pretty much all true

Belinda Reed said...

Great memes, Courtney.
If i was any good at captioned i'd of made one for you.

Anonymous said...

HA! Alright you got me to post.. Anonymous but hey still posted.
VERY nice lol..

Dee Mentia said...

Crystal's Story Site hasn't been updated in 3 days?

God I WISH it was that short a time.

More like 4 years and counting! LOL

... so when is Futurama week happening here huh?

Anonymous said...

almost all of these are true

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